AttraTec No 3 Anis Pur, 100 ml


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Safety attractant based on the pure active ingredient of natural anise oil

Safety attractant based on the pure active ingredient of natural anise oil

  • Contains the pure active ingredient of natural aniseed oil
  • Free from questionable secondary components of aniseed oil
  • Protected against degradation by atmospheric oxygen, therefore longer lasting than aniseed oil
  • Broad spectrum of activity (including predatory game, wild boar, roe deer, pigeons)
  • Easy to use even in the cold
  • High storage stability

Anise – reinvented: is that even possible?

Disadvantages of conventional aniseed oil

Many hunters have long used conventional anise oil as an attractant for a variety of game species. Conventional anise oil, which is a mixture of different components, has a whole range of disadvantages:

  • Aniseed oil is very sensitive to atmospheric oxygen, which affects its attractiveness and storage stability.
  • Anise oil’s high volatility limits its duration of action.
  • Aniseed oil solidifies at temperatures below 18°C, which means that conventional aniseed oil has to be heated up before it can be applied, especially in autumn and winter – not exactly user-friendly.
  • The greatest disadvantage for the hunter is the health hazard posed by aniseed oil: aniseed oil contains a secondary component with an allergenic and potentially carcinogenic effect. This means that conventional aniseed oil has to be labeled accordingly* and is subject to special safety measures when it is handled

The know-how behind AttraTec No 3 Pure Anis

In research and development studies, AttraTec has identified and successfully eliminated the weaknesses of ordinary aniseed oil. The result: AttraTec No 3 Anis Pur: AttraTec No 3 Anis Pur is characterized by an “anise-like” attraction that is at least equivalent to natural anise oil. The basis for this are protective molecules taken from nature, which greatly slow down the degradation of the active ingredient by oxygen. This has a positive effect on the duration of action and storage stability.

High yield – safe application

Due to the formulation as a viscous liquid, AttraTec No 3 Anis Pur can be applied without any problems even at low temperatures. The dropper bottle guarantees good dosing and enables economical and cost-effective use. The contents of one bottle are sufficient for at least 150 applications.

And – what is most important – by using active ingredients that are free of harmful secondary components, there is no longer any health risk for the hunter.

“Anise – completely reinvented” – it works. AttraTec No 3 Anis Pur – for classic use – and AttraTec No 2 Anis Ultra ® – our innovative all-rounder – are proof of this.

Please note the state hunting law applicable to your area.

WARNING: Contains (E-)Anethole, May cause an allergic skin reaction. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid breathing mist/vapour/spray. Wear protective clothing, protective gloves, eye protection. If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention. Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse.


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