AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz, 1 kg


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Complementary feedingstuff for activation of salt licks and for refeinement of feed

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Complementary feedingstuff for all types of hoofed game

  • Activation or permanent operation of salt licks, also during droughts
  • Enhancement of the attractivity of feed
  • Supports provision of your game with minerals

Activation of salt licks
Who doesn’t know this: you feed salt licks with fresh salt blocks/stones or set up new ones. And then it doesn’t rain for weeks, so the attractive effect of the salt can’t begin.
And here, AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz comes into play. For activation, simply spray Salzblitz onto the post of your salt lick. Depending on the weather condition, the spray dries within a few minutes and a tightly adhering salt film is formed, which tastes every game. AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz allows you to activate a salt lick where and when you want – regardless of the weather.

Permanent operation: you can run a salt lick permanently with the Salzblitz. Depending on the weather and the visits by game, just spray on every 1 to 4 weeks. A theft of salt stones by unauthorized visitors is thus not possible any more.

Just spray some AttraTec No 2 Anis Ultra on a surface close to the salt lick. The attention of game is drawn within short onto this source of salt

Enhancement of the attractivity of feed
You can use AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz for enhancement of attractivity of feed as well. Just simply spray onto feed / feeding place. Ready.

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 0,0 %
Crude fibre 0,0 %
Crude fat 0,0 %
Crude ash 0,0 %
Sodium (Na) 7,6 %
Potassium (K) 0,1 %
Moisture content <69,0 %

Sodium chloride; glycerine, crude; fructose, glucose, potassium chloride

Please consider the hunting laws, which are relvant to you.


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