AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz, 1 kg


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Lure to activate salt licks and refine bait material

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Lure to activate salt licks and refine bait material

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Immediate effect
  • High yield
  • Contains high-quality, fine-tasting, natural salt and trace elements

Who doesn’t know this: you feed salt licks with fresh salt blocks/stones or set up new ones. And then it doesn’t rain for weeks, so the attractive effect of the salt can’t begin.

And that’s where AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz comes in: Simply spray onto the trunk / post of the salt lick. Depending on the weather, the sprayed areas dry completely after just a few minutes and a visible, firmly adhering salt film forms, which every game tastes great. AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz allows you to activate a salt lick where and when you want – regardless of the weather.

AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz is based on fine, natural salt.

tip 1
After drying, briefly spray the salt film with AttraTec No 2 Anis Ultra. Game is thus made aware of the salty pleasure after a very short time.

tip 2
You can also use AttraTec No 11 Salzblitz to increase the attractiveness of Kirrgut: simply spray on the Kirrgut/Kirrstelle (not too much!).


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